FCPSOn at Fairfax Villa

September 24, 2018

FCPSOn Vision Statement Enhance student learning and ensure that all students have equitable opportunities to develop Portrait of a Graduate attributes by providing all students with opportunities to control the time, place, path, and pace of their learning through meaningful learning experiences.

What does that mean? Technology provides opportunity for a more personalized and learner-centered environment that leads to Portrait of a Graduate outcomes.

Students will have access to a device at school, and in 5th and 6th grades, students will also be able to take their device home.

Long Term Outcomes • Teachers will use technology to further student learning through meaningful learning experiences. • Students will begin to develop Portrait of a Graduate attributes. • Students and teachers will use technology in the learning process. • Students will have access to contemporary and effective technology resources.

What Will Students Be Doing • Participating in enhanced learning experiences • Developing collaboration, creativity, communication, 21st century skills • Using technology to personalize learning • Increasing knowledge of digital citizenship • Utilizing technology as appropriately during instruction

What Types of Learning Can Parents Expect to See • Enhance students’ Portrait of a Graduate, digital literacy skills as well as content knowledge • Allow students to take an active role in their learning by developing projects that demonstrate their learning • Focus student learning on essential/enduring understandings that are essential for success beyond school • Incorporate a wide variety of resources into the learning environment

Digital Citizenship:  Definition: The norms of appropriate, responsible behavior (and its positive and negative impact on self and others) with regard to technology use.

Parent Digital Citizenship Resources • Common Sense Media • Family Media Agreements and Device Contracts • Privacy Settings for Devices, Apps, Websites and Games

Devices • Only used for projects related to the educational programs of FCPS. • Not be used as a personal or social device for the student. • Student’s use only. Friends, other students, siblings, parents, or other people may not use it.

Device Help • Tech Staff are available at each school. • Device will be repaired or student will receive loaner device. Do not take device to store for repair. • Notify school if device is lost/stolen as soon as possible. • If you believe your device was stolen, report it immediately to the police.

Final Thoughts…. • This continues to be a journey for our school. • We will continue by “learning by doing” this year and in future years. • Thank you for your unending support!