Change in Dismissal Form

Submit an Early Dismissal or a Change in Regular Dismissal

You may use the online form below to submit an early dismissal or a change in regular dismissal. 

All dismissal change requests should be submitted before 2:30 p.m. 

  • If an emergency change occurs after that, please contact our main office at 703-267-2800.


  • We ask you to communicate with your student(s) about dismissal plans before their morning arrival.
  • If you have multiple students to whom this change applies, you must complete this form for each student. 
  • This form can only be filled out by the student's parent/legal guardian.

Looking to submit an absence or late arrival instead?

Parents/legal guardians can complete this form to request a temporary change in dismissal routine.

This form may be submitted in either English or Spanish.
Are you submitting an early dismissal or a change in regular dismissal?
Please come into the building, present a valid ID, and sign the student out.
List specific dates the transportation routine will be different.
After school, my student's regular routine is...
Today, my student's routine will be...

Parent/Guardian Contact Information