Parent Handbook

2023-2024 Parent Handbook 

Fairfax Villa Elementary School

10900 Santa Clara Drive

Fairfax, VA 22030


Office Phone: 703-267-2800                             Absentee Line: 703-267-2828

Clinic Phone: 703-267-2810                             Cafeteria Line: 703-267-2821

Absentee Online Form

Dismissal Change Form Link: Dismissal Change Form

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.  -  4:30 p.m.  Monday – Friday

Welcome to Fairfax Villa Elementary School!  The staff welcomes you to an exciting and rewarding school year.  This family handbook  has been prepared for you in order to allow you to familiarize yourself with our policies, procedures, regulations, and student expectations.  Please read it carefully.  We hope that you have a wonderful school year!

2023-2024  School Hours

Grades K-6           9:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

AM Preschool     9:10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.   

PM Preschool    12:40 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Students should not arrive before 9:00 a.m.

AM Kiss and Ride car line starts at 8:45 a.m., doors open at 9:00 a.m., and the line closes at 9:12 a.m 

PM Kiss and Ride car line starts at 3:50 p.m., doors open at 4:00 p.m., and the line ends at 4:10 p.m.



The goal of Fairfax Villa’s instructional program is to meet the educational needs of the individual child.  Basic skills and responsible behavior are stressed and creative expression is encouraged. The core curriculum for each grade level and subject area is outlined in the Fairfax County Program of Studies.  Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies and materials to promote student mastery of appropriate Program of Studies (POS) objectives.  They plan and work together to assure consistency at each grade level. The purpose of the POS is to identify the basic objectives for all students in each curriculum area. These priority objectives provide the foundation or core of the program, grades K-6.  The basic curriculum is a tool for planning, monitoring and evaluating students’ work on a continued progress basis.  

Students with special needs at both ends of the academic spectrum are recognized for remedial and/or enrichment/extension programs.  The academic ladder of learning is viewed less as a vertical completion of each grade level and more as a horizontal awareness of total understandings that are both challenging and appropriate with School Board instructional guidelines.  The approaches used to improve and individualize instruction may include small group instruction, flexible grouping, team teaching, multi-level and multi-media materials for individual use, and the utilization of paraprofessionals, peer tutors and parent volunteers.


Good communication between the home and the school is vital to a successful school experience for each child. So that parents may know when to expect written communications, the school administration has designated Wednesday as the day to send home announcements, PTA newsletters, menus, student folders, Progress Reports (4 times per year), and any handouts. Parents are encouraged to contact the school promptly with any questions regarding their child’s progress or school procedures. It is very important that parents promptly return to the school survey forms, field trip permission slips, and other requested information.  Staff members can be reached by e-mail or telephone. Please be advised that teachers may not be able to respond to your email right away during school hours. 

SIS ParentVue

ParentVUE activation letters will be mailed home in September. It is important that you activate your SIS ParentVUE account immediately, as this is where you can access information about your child's attendance, student ID number, course history, certain test results, progress reports, and emergency care information. Use this link to read an overview of what SIS ParentVUE offers:  ParentVUE Link

Talking Points

Another two-way communication available to all families is Talking Points. This is a text program between the school and families. Families can ask questions directly to teachers via this program. 

News You Choose (NYC) 

Each week, our school sends home an electronic Friday newsletter to parents. Please take the time to read the items in there and to make note of special events that are announced  in the News You Choose. PTA information is also included for your convenience. These newsletters may also be found on our school website at Fairfax Villa Site


Part of communicating with your child’s teacher is through our new Learning Management System -  Schoology. All parents can log into Schoology at using the same username and password that you have set up for your SIS/ParentVUE account. If you do not yet have a SIS/ParentVUE account, please submit a Parent Support Request.


All of our doors will be locked after the children enter in the morning and remain locked for the duration of the instructional day.  Parents and visitors can gain entry to the building through the front left hand door 1 entrance.  On the adjacent wall there is a remote access camera/speaker and doorbell.  Please use the doorbell and wait to be “buzzed” into the building. The office will maintain a central sign-in area for all visitors (including parent volunteers, substitute teachers, and other guests).  Guests will sign in by using the Visitor Management System (VMS).  All visitors must bring their driver’s license or valid ID for signing in and wear a visitor sticker or a badge as long as you are in the building.  Prior to leaving, the guest must sign out in the main office. Visitors must be in only the area of the school you signed in to visit.  


The Fairfax County School Board has defined the rights and responsibilities of school students in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Regulation. This regulation is used as a guide when standards of conduct are established for Fairfax Villa students. Families will have access to the link via SIS/ParentVUE and  will receive a copy of the Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet at the beginning of the school year.  This is available in multiple languages. Please sign page 1 of the booklet and return to school no later than September 30, 2023 to acknowledge that you have received a copy of the SR & R booklet.   Copies of the Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet are also available to all families online at SR&R Handbook

This document is reviewed yearly with all students.  Please read and discuss it with your child.


In order to have an environment that is conducive to learning and safe for students, any behavior that is disrespectful, destructive, or dangerous is prohibited.  FCPS has strict regulations regarding inappropriate touching, weapons, substance abuse, bullying, name calling, inappropriate language, fighting, and any other forms of disruptive behavior.  The administration at Fairfax Villa is committed to enforcing these regulations in order to maintain a safe environment conducive to learning.


Student Admission

New students may be registered in the main office by appointment with the school registrar.  The parent must complete a registration packet and present the following documents:  birth certificate, verification of residency, record of immunization, and report of physical examination. Transfer information including IEPs or progress reports from the previous school, if available, should also be presented. In some cases, families may be asked to complete registration at a FCPS Student Registration Welcome Center. For more information on enrollment or the new Online Registration option, please visit FCPS Registration.

Student Withdrawal

When a child is to be withdrawn from school, please use the FCPS Withdrawal Form, please notify the school  5 school days in advance so that necessary reports and transfer slips can be prepared. Under Virginia State Code 22.1-254 we are required to withdraw students after fifteen (15) consecutive full-day absences regardless of the reason

Kindergarten Enrollment

If age five on or before September 30th of the current year, students must either attend kindergarten or notify the School Board of intent not to attend.  A child who does not reach his/her fifth birthday by September 30th of that school year is ineligible by Virginia law to enroll in public kindergarten.

Parent’s Rights/Custody

If there is any legal documentation (custody orders) signed by a judge which restricts access to your child or his/her records, please be aware that we are only able to enforce such orders if we are provided with a copy. Otherwise, FCPS regulations require us to assume joint custody with equal access/parental rights.

For more information please visit the FCPS Parent Rights website.


Transportation Changes 
Parents must submit a Change in Dismissal Form, an email/note to the front office, or call the main office before 2:30 PM when there is a change in the normal routine of how the child goes home from school.  This includes:

  • If your child will be going home with another student, either by school bus (even if it is the same bus normally ridden, but your child is getting off at a different stop) or private transportation;
  • If your child will be bringing another student home either by school bus or private transportation;
  • If you are picking your child up early;
  • If your child is staying for an after-school activity on school grounds; or
  • If you are picking your child up at Kiss and Ride instead of the child taking the regular bus.

When a child is going home with another child in the school, a request must be received from BOTH students’ families or the request will not be approved.
Change in Transportation Requests should include:

  • Name of student
  • Student’s teacher and grade
  • Student’s normal mode of transportation
  • Name of student the child is going home with, including their teacher and grade
  • Mode of transportation being used that day (if on a bus, include the bus number)
  • Contact information for parent making the request

Bus Guidelines

FCPS Bus Service Website 

Bus stop information is communicated electronically to families the week before the opening of school in August from the Transportation Office.

Students are to use the closest bus stop to their home for pickup and drop-off.  If you are unsure about where students’ bus stops are, be sure to call the office for clarification.  Pickup time is approximate; Transportation advises parents to arrive at least 5 minutes before the designated time.  Parents are asked to remind students to be conscious of good behavior at bus stops. Not all bus stops will have safety patrols.  When a patrol is assigned to a bus stop, they should arrive approximately ten minutes before the expected bus time.  There is no need for other students to arrive before the patrol.  All students should cooperate with safety patrols and be considerate of community members’ property.

Kindergarten students who ride the bus in the afternoon are to be met at the bus door and asked for by name by a parent, parent designee, guardian, or a responsible middle school age or higher sibling. Children will be returned to school if the driver has concerns for their safety.

Bike Guidelines

Bike riding to school is limited to “walking” students in grades 4-6.  Helmets are required.  Please be sure to secure your bike with a proper lock when you park it outside Door 2. Roller blades, skateboards, scooters and roller skates are not allowed on school grounds.    

Kiss and Ride Guidelines

In order for the Fairfax Villa staff to ensure a safe environment for all children, we ask that the following drop-off and pick-up procedures be followed by all families. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our children safe!

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

  • Drop off begins at 9:00 A.M.  Door closes at 9:12 A.M. Students are to be in their seats ready for instruction at 9:15 A.M.
  • Please note change:  Due to safety concerns and gridlock during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, parents/guardians will not be permitted to turn left when there is traffic from Santa Clara Drive to enter the Kiss and Ride lot.
  • Kiss and Ride cars will line up on the westbound side of Santa Clara – coming from either University Drive or Bellavia Lane. That line will turn right from Santa Clara Drive into the Kiss and Ride Lot.
  • When entering the parking lot for the Kiss and Ride line, please do not block the crosswalk.
  • Enter by staff parking lot.  Proceed to the rear of the school, turn in the loop.
  • As you enter the Kiss and Ride loop, remind your child to unbuckle their seat belt. 
  • When entering the parking lot for the  Kiss and Ride line, please do not block the crosswalk. Pull as far forward as possible. School staff will assist you.
  • Do not leave your child if there is no staff member present at Kiss and Ride. You must line up and wait at the starting location until a staff member is in position at Kiss and Ride to receive your child. Otherwise, this creates a dangerous situation where your child is roaming the school grounds unsupervised. There are no exceptions.
  • The students may exit their vehicle on the right passenger side only. Left door should always be closed for safety purposes. If, for any reason, your child must exit from the driver side, please escort your child to the sidewalk.
  • After dropping off your child, proceed to exit the Kiss and Ride line carefully. Use extreme caution as walkers will be crossing at various times in a designated crosswalk.  A staff member will use a stop sign to halt traffic when walkers are present.  
  • Parents arriving after 9:12 a.m. must park and escort students to the main office to be signed in by a parent.
  • Please be advised that making a U-turn at the bus loop may be violating Virginia traffic law and you may be ticketed when the officers make their rounds at Fairfax Villa.

Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures

  • Pick up begins at 4:00 P.M.
  • Parents should not line up before 3:50PM
  • Due to safety concerns and gridlock during afternoon dismissal, parents/guardians will not be permitted to turn left from Santa Clara Drive to enter the Kiss and Ride lot.
  • Kiss and Ride cars will line up on the westbound side of Santa Clara – coming from either University Drive or Bellavia Lane. That line will turn right from Santa Clara Drive into the Kiss and Ride Lot.
  • When entering the parking lot for the Kiss and Ride line, please do not block the crosswalk.
  • When you arrive, please be sure to have your Kiss and Ride number card visibly displayed on your dashboard when you pull forward.  
  • All cars should move up as far as possible along the sidewalk so that we may get as many cars loaded as possible. Please do not stop directly in front of your child as this will delay all of the cars behind you.   
  • Children may only enter their vehicle from the right side of the vehicle. Left door should always be closed for safety purposes, especially during dismissal time.
  • Ensure that your child wears a seat belt.
  • Proceed to exit the Kiss and Ride loop carefully.
  • To exit the Kiss and Ride lot, cars may turn either right (to go westbound toward Alta Vista Drive) or left (to go eastbound toward Bellavia Lane).
  • Please make sure to pick up your child by 4:10 p.m. Parents arriving after 4:10 p.m. must park and sign out students from the main office. 

Walker  Guidelines

AM: Children should depart from home so they arrive at school no earlier than 9:00 a.m. This affords your child maximum protection and safety when the majority of the school population is on the sidewalks and the safety patrols are in position. 

PM: All walkers are dismissed through door #2. Kindergarten students must be met by an authorized adult. It is most important that parents remind their children to come home directly after school before going out to play.


Requests for review of records should be made to the school office and will typically be honored within five school days of the request.  Parents desiring to review their child’s permanent records will need to call the school for an appointment with their child’s counselor or the school administration.  Each student’s name, grade and parent email addresses are classified as “directory information” for purposes of school related activities such as PTA, room parents, etc.  A parent who does not wish any directory information to be available to these organizations must complete the directory opt out form.  The office and/or teacher are not able to give out contact information for birthday parties or private mailings. 



We believe children should be in school unless they are ill or there are unavoidable circumstances acceptable to the principal and teacher.  Vacations and days off for pleasure are not acceptable excuses and are discouraged. Parents/caregivers will receive a message explaining the importance of attendance when their student has an unexcused absence for more than five days. After ten days parents may need to provide a doctor’s note explaining the reason for the student’s absence. For safety reasons, we ask parents to report their children’s absences to the school on a daily basis. To prevent our school lines from being busy with calls each morning, parents should call the school absentee line (703-267-2828) or use the link below to report an absence. The attendance line is available 24 hours a day and absences need to be reported by 9:30 a.m.  Any absence not called in by 9:30 a.m. will be recorded as unexcused.  The status will be changed once verification is received from the parent/guardian.  

Use this  online link to report absences and late arrivals: Attendance Form

For more attendance related information please visit Attendance Regulations 


All students who are not in their classroom by the official beginning of school (9:15 a.m.) are considered tardy. Students who arrive late are to report to the office before going to their classrooms. Parents must accompany students into the office to sign children in.

Release of Students During the School Day

When a student is to be picked up during school hours, a note, email, or Change in Dismissal Form located on the FVES website signed by the parent or guardian must be submitted to the teacher on the morning of the day the student is to leave early, except in emergencies where this notice is not possible. We will not release any child to any adult other than the parent/guardian or persons listed on the emergency care form. We ask you to communicate with your student(s) about dismissal plans before their morning arrival. The parent or person designated in the note to pick the student up reports to the office with an ID and signs for the student’s release. The student will then be called out of the classroom and meet the person picking him/her up in the office. Students cannot be called down to the office before the adult arrives at the school. 

Permission to Go Home with Another Student

Both students must have notes from parents giving approval of this request. These notes must be brought to the school office for school approval on the morning of the day permission is requested.  Since many of our buses are overcrowded, we cannot always approve students riding the bus to go home with a friend or allow for group arrangements such as scouts or after school birthday parties.  School bus transportation is not available for walkers unless for custodial care.

Student Visitors

Students’ relatives and friends are not permitted to attend classes due to liability and pupil teacher ratio guidelines. 

Conferences with Teachers

Parent-teacher conferences are considered to be an integral part of the school program and are strongly encouraged.  A conference will be scheduled with each parent near the end of the first grading period to discuss student progress. Additional conferences may be arranged by contacting the teacher.  Conferences may be scheduled before or after school as well as teacher workdays. 


Homework is defined as additional needed preparation in a given subject area.  Such assignments are valid only if they provide essential practice in needed skills and/or enrich, enhance, or extend school experiences. Homework encourages growth in responsibility, gives practice in developing good work habits, and affords opportunities for increasing self-direction and learning how to budget time wisely.  Homework, however, needs to be geared to the student’s age and individual learning style. In the primary grades K-3, homework assignments, when given, should average not more than 30 minutes per day. In grades 4-6, homework assignments, when given, should not exceed one hour. Generally, homework will not be given as a weekend assignment. However, daily class assignments that are not completed during the allocated time during class should be completed by the next school session.  If your child’s homework exceeds the recommended time limits, please call the teacher for clarification. 

Family Trips

Student absences due to a family vacation are not recognized as excused by FCPS. Our attendance recorders must follow Regulation 2234.12. After reviewing the regulation examples, you are welcome to submit a Pre-arranged Absence form to [email protected] so that future absences can be reviewed but please remember, it must be one of the examples outlined below in Regulation 2234.12.

Regulation 2234.12

F. Excused Absences

 1. Examples of an excused absence may include, but are not limited to, the following reasons: illness (including mental health and substance use illnesses), injury, funeral, legal obligations, medical procedures, suspensions, religious and cultural not listed in Section E, observances, military obligation, deployment of a military family member, or visit from a family member who has immediately returned from deployment, emergency conditions in the student’s home which require temporary help from the student to care for a sick or injured family member, civic engagement (one school day per year.)

Teachers are  not required to prepare homework in advance for a family vacation and we strongly recommend accessing online programs daily such as ST Math and Lexia.  

Progress Reports

Progress reports are issued four times a year. Families who opted for paperless progress reports may view reports on ParentVUE SIS. After reviewing your child’s progress report, you must sign the appropriate place on the envelope and return it to your child’s teacher. If you wish to request a conference with your child’s teacher, check the box that says “Conference Requested” next to your signature.  

Interim Reports

Interim reports are sent home in the middle of each marking period to the families of students who  are identified as needing improvement or to note progress needed in particular areas.  In the first quarter, all students in grades 1-6 receive an interim; for quarters two-four, only students in K - 6 who have an issue that needs to be addressed are sent an interim. 

Dress Code

As specified in the Student Rights and Responsibilities, students must wear clothing that does not expose genitalia, chest or buttocks or expose underwear or undergarments.  Clothing may not depict or promote illegal, violent, or lewd conduct, or depict or promote the unlawful possession or use of weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, or other controlled substances. Students should be able to move comfortably and engage in all school activities including physical education and recess in the clothing they are wearing. For further information, please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities and the FCPS regulation pertaining to dress code specifically (2613.12). Any clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment is unacceptable.

Student Property

Students and their parents should carefully consider the types and value of property which are brought to school. Phones must be turned off and in backpacks for the duration of the school day.  Students are prohibited from using phones, tablets, and other mobile devices at school and on the bus, unless there is an emergency. Students who do not abide by this will prompt administrators to take their phones and require a parent or guardian to pick up the phone from school The county school system does not assume responsibility for the personal property of students and does not insure their property or otherwise reimburse students for loss of or damage to their personal belongings including bikes and electronics. Students are to  leave all toys at home including fidget spinners, electronics, and Pokemon like cards that are not used for educational purposes.  


Our cafeteria operates under the National School Lunch Program. Milk is served with each lunch or may be purchased separately. Students are welcome to bring a “home-packed” lunch to school. However, no glass containers or carbonated beverages are permitted.  Please refrain from consuming fast foods and soft drinks such as McDonald’s at school. We want to encourage students to make healthy food choices.  Breakfast is available for purchase in the cafeteria prior to the start of school each day.  You may view the month’s lunch menu online by visiting the lunch menu. 

Parents and students must plan together to be sure students have necessary money or meal cards.  If a student does not have enough money on his/her lunch account, the child will receive a lunch and will be expected to reimburse the school as soon as possible.  The meal account is used like a debit card.  You may add any amount and designate what can be purchased.  You may send in payment with your child or pay online using

Free and Reduced-Price Lunches

Applications for free or reduced-price lunches are accessible at  All requests remain confidential.  Guidelines prescribed by the Federal Government are applied.

Birthday Celebrations

Due to the prevalence of allergies and sensitivities in our student population, we do not allow food treats to be given out in class for birthdays. There are other ways to recognize and celebrate a child’s birthday and we encourage parent consideration of one of those. Donating a book to the classroom library in honor of the birthday celebrant or sending in an educational goodie bag (no food/candy) for each class member are ideas certainly worthy of consideration. The child will be recognized on the morning news broadcast.

You must use the US mail for individual birthday party invitations.  Invitations to parties are not to be distributed at school.  The office is not allowed to give out any student contact information. 

School-wide or class-wide celebrations are not included in the  guidelines of Birthday Celebrations.  

Physical Education

Students should wear tennis or gym shoes for physical education.  Athletic balls and other play type equipment should not be brought to school from home as they cause problems on school buses and walkways.  Students unable to engage in the physical education program must have a note from their parents or a doctor citing specific limitations.

Field Trips

A field trip that coordinates with a curriculum area may be scheduled for your child’s class during the school year.  Each child who participates in the field trip MUST have a signed permission slip.  Parents are often asked to accompany classes on trips.

Emergency Information

Please notify the school immediately if there are any changes in your address, telephone number, diagnosed allergies, or emergency contact person.  If you are going on a trip, a limited power of attorney for medical services is advisable and should be left with the guardian of your children.   Emergency care cards must be kept up to date. Please only add people as your emergency contacts who are in the area and are willing to come to school to pick up a sick child. 

Parents may use the Online Verification Update (OVU) packet in their Parent SIS to make these changes to the emergency contact.

Keeping a Watchful Eye on Our School

As a parent or concerned citizen, please call the School Security Monitor, 571-423-2000 accessible 24 hours a day.  If you see suspicious activities at our school such as persons on the school roof or writing graffiti, give the name and location of the school and a description of what is happening.  It is not necessary to give your name; the School Security personnel or police will investigate.


Parents may leave messages for teachers in their voicemail.  Messages to teachers or students may be given to the school office staff who will be glad to take the message and place it in the teacher’s office box.  Only in an emergency will a teacher or student be called to the telephone during school hours.

Lost and Found

All found articles will be placed in the lost and found area in the cafeteria.  Students may claim these before and after school hours.  Please label all items of clothing belonging to your child so that they may be returned if lost or misplaced.  All articles not claimed are given to a charitable institution several times during the school year.

Children’s Health Insurance

Information regarding affordable health insurance for students is available online at or 1-833-522-5582.

Stray Pets

Parents should make sure that pets do not follow children to school.  Safety precautions require that the Animal Rescue League be called to pick up any stray animals on the school grounds.  For health reasons,  pets are not to be walked on school grounds.

School Health Services

Fairfax Villa School has the services of a clinic aide during the school day. This person is employed through the Health Department and works under the guidance of a Public Health Nurse. The Public Health Nurse is a registered nurse who works with parents and the school to develop health plans and make necessary accommodations for students whose health requires special provisions.

Health Examinations and Immunizations

A child who is entering Fairfax County Public Schools is required to have had a physical examination within one year prior to entering any school.  Kindergarten physicals can be no earlier than 12 months prior to the date of entry.  A certificate of physical examination signed by a licensed physician must be presented.  Proof of certain immunizations by the physician is also required.  Minimum requirements can be found here. Any exceptions to immunization or physical examination requirements must be supported by a written statement from a licensed physician. In the case of conflict with religious tenets, a notarized Certificate of Religious Exemption Form should be completed and submitted to the main office. Students in all grades are encouraged to have a yearly dental examination.

The school, through the cooperation of the Health Department, provides various health services, including vision and auditory screening for children new to Fairfax County, kindergarten, or third graders.

Administration of Medicine

Over the counter medications (aspirin, acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, gargles, ear drops, antihistamines,  Pepto Bismol, eye washes) are classified as medicines and are not to be used unless parents bring the medication to the main office or clinic and sign the required forms on the morning of the first day the medication is to be given at school.  FCPS regulations do not allow students to carry medication to and from school.  The forms required for parents and doctors to sign must be obtained from the school office or online.

         Short Term Medications: (Not to exceed ten school days) The parent must have the prescription bottle or box containing the student's name, name of medication with no abbreviations, exact dosage to be taken, and the forms required for parents  to sign must be obtained from the school office or online.

Long Term Medications:  (Given for more than ten consecutive school days and/or given on an as-needed basis.) A parent must provide the school with a written prescription of directions from a physician.  These directions must be on a Fairfax County form which gives the reason for the medication, the order in which the medicine should be administered (when more than one medicine is prescribed), and the exact conditions for repeating medication when necessary (repeat as necessary is not acceptable).  Final approval to dispense medicine must be given by the Fairfax County Health Services Department.

Over-the-Counter Medications:  (not to exceed ten school days except for headache, muscle ache, menstrual cramps and orthodontic pain). Medication must not be left in the classroom, on the teacher’s desk, or in the student’s lunch box or backpack.  It must be kept in the clinic and brought to school by the parent or guardian. We encourage students to accept the responsibility of coming to the clinic for their medication.

There are multiple medication authorization forms available: Medication Authorization, Epinephrine Authorization, Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP), Virginia Asthma Action Plan (VAAP), and FCPS Authorization for Virginia Asthma Action Plan. All forms should be the latest version available. All medications must be accompanied by the appropriate and completed forms to be accepted and administered. Return any incomplete or incorrect forms and medication containers/packaging to the parent/guardian. Handwritten notes in lieu of the required paperwork from the parent/guardian are not acceptable.


As part of our FCPS Portrait of a Graduate framework, we want students to use technology for communicating, collaborating, and to practice good digital citizenship.  Students in grades 1-2 are issued a laptop for in-class use. Students in grades 3-6 are issued a laptop for either in-class use or to use at home and bring back to school the following day.  Parents are asked to make sure that the laptops are shut down and charged each night so that they are ready to use the next school day. Each child who is issued a laptop is also issued a laptop bag and assigned charger that they are responsible for.  We ask all students to restart their computers every morning at school. Students are taught how to take care of all of our technology and it is expected that they will go by the guidelines set up in the SR&R booklet. Preschool and kindergarten students receive an iPad to use in school. Their iPads will remain at school. At the end of the school year, all items are to be returned. Students will be charged for any item not returned at the end of the year. In addition, students will be charged for any broken or damaged technology issued as per the Student Obligations page. For more information, parents are encouraged to visit the FCPS Guidelines for technology usage.


Safety Patrols

The purpose of Fairfax Villa’s safety patrol program is to ensure the safety of students at street crossings, on the buses, and in the halls of the building.  Students from grades five and six are selected to serve as patrols.  Participation in this program develops leadership skills and encourages responsible behavior.  The safety patrols are sponsored by a school staff member who is assisted by the Fairfax County Police Department.  Agreement to participate represents both a parent and student commitment to provide safety direction for the entire year. Failure to meet behavioral expectations in the SR&R will result in losing the privilege to be a Safety Patrol for a certain timeframe.

Student Council Association

The students in grades 1-6 have an opportunity to participate in self-government through the Student Council Association. SCA officers will be elected each year and serve for the school year. The officers, classroom representatives, and committees meet regularly and are involved in many aspects of the school program. The SCA is sponsored by school faculty members and the school administration.

Library Media Center

Our school library media center is an integral and influential part of the total educational program.  This facility contains a large collection of books for pleasure reading and research as well as magazines, resource files and more. In the library, students engage in learning experiences that encourage them to inquire, collaborate, curate and explore. The checkout period for a book is three weeks.  A book may be renewed if the child has not finished reading it.  Overdue books create a hardship on classroom teachers and other students; please encourage your child to be a responsible user. Students may reserve a book online by going here and logging in with their FCPS credentials.  We appreciate lost books being paid for so that we can replace them. 

The Literacy Team

The literacy team is comprised of the reading specialist, interventionist, and school librarian/media specialist.  The reading specialist coordinates interventions and instruction and provides professional development, assessment support, as well as collaborates with teacher, schoolwide, and districtwide teams to provide all students evidence-based instruction that aligns with science-based reading research through the coordination of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) within the school for at-risk learners.  The reading specialist also serves as an advisor on dyslexia and is also responsible at the school-level for implementation of the requirements of the Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) by September 2024, including individual student reading plans. For more information about science-based reading instruction and what the VLA means for students and families, please see this video from the Virginia Department of Education.  The interventionist provides diagnostic support as part of the MTSS system within the school and implements evidence-based instruction for foundational literacy needs guided by student data in order to support closing student achievement gaps in literacy. The school librarian/media specialist provides support to the literacy team by practicing an inquiry-based approach to student learning focused on critical thinking, information, and research skills, and ensures student access to books and informational texts while promoting reading engagement.  As a team, these individuals support the language arts program of studies, which includes reading skills such as fluent and accurate word recognition and language comprehension; writing skills such as foundational letter formation and spelling skills and writing composition skills, and oral language skills such as listening and speaking.  Together, the team develops understanding of literacy needs and literacy development with parents and the community and supports school initiatives to promote reading at home. 


Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is committed to challenging all students through talent development efforts and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of advanced learners.  FCPS offers a continuum of advanced academic services for all students in Grades K-12. The continuum of services approach recognizes unique student needs and focuses on matching services, not labeling students. Through the continuum, students have: 

  • Multiple entry points for deeper learning opportunities in specific areas of need as they develop.  
  • A cluster group of students with similar academic needs to continue growing in their learning.  

Teachers, Advanced Academic Resource Teachers (AARTs), and school administrators work together to provide the following levels of service at the elementary level:  

Access to Rigor, Grades K-6 (Level I)  

All students have opportunities to think critically, reason, and problem-solve.  

  • All teachers use critical and creative thinking strategies in their lessons. 
  • Classroom teachers provide opportunities using materials from the AAP Curriculum Framework a minimum of once per quarter. 

Because Access to Rigor is for all FCPS students, there is not a screening process. 

Subject Specific Advanced Differentiation, Grades K-6 (Level II)  

Some students are strong in a specific subject area. Classroom teachers may adjust instruction for students in these area(s) by: 

  • Providing different assignments and resources in those subjects,
  • Grouping students by their strengths, interests, and readiness, and
  • Providing additional challenges using materials from the AAP Curriculum Framework.

Student needs for subject specific differentiation are re-evaluated each year at the local school.  

Part-Time Services, Grades 3-6 (Level III)  

Some students have advanced academic needs in multiple subject areas in addition to specific subject differentiation. They need part-time AAP services.  

  • Students work with other students that have similar academic needs through weekly pull-out classes or weekly co-taught lessons with the AART and classroom teacher. 
  • Teachers provide frequent opportunities to use materials from the AAP Curriculum Framework in Language Arts, science, social studies, and/or mathematics. 

Part-time services continue through Grade 6. Students do not need to be evaluated each year.  

Full-Time Services, Grades 3-8 (Level IV)*  

Some advanced learners need a full-time advanced academic program with differentiated instruction in all four core content areas (Language Arts, mathematics, social studies, and science).  

Students eligible for full-time AAP services are cluster grouped on a full-time basis and receive: 

  • Full-time use of materials from the AAP Curriculum Framework in Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, and 
  • Curriculum that is differentiated through acceleration, depth, and complexity of content.  

Full-time services continue through Grade 8. Students do not need to be evaluated each year.  

*We are pleased to be continuing our Fairfax Villa Local Level IV services this year with grades 3, 4, and 5.  We will be adding grade 6 next year. 

Young Scholars 

The FCPS Young Scholars model seeks to identify and affirm, from an early age, students with high academic potential from groups historically underrepresented in advanced academic programming. The goal of the model is to eliminate barriers for Young Scholars’ access to and success in advanced academic opportunities in elementary, middle, and high school. 

Twice-Exceptional (2e) 

Some gifted students with advanced learning needs may also have a learning disability. Twice-exceptional (or “2e”) students need strengths-based instruction while receiving advanced programming. The FCPS continuum of AAP services provides multiple entry points to meet student needs while also supporting their learning challenges. FCPS has created a 2e handbook to help schools and families understand how to identify and serve 2e students. You can find these resources by going to and searching “2e.” 

Screening for Advanced Academic Program Services 

Multiple data points are reviewed holistically to determine eligibility for all FCPS advanced academic services. Committees consider student work from opportunities with AAP lessons, examples of student reasoning or gifted behaviors from class discussions and activities, progress reports, achievement and ability scores, and parent input. Committees consider whether students have access to a group of students with similar academic needs to support academic conversations and growth in the classroom. No pieces of the data are weighted in the holistic screening process.   

Eligibility decisions for subject-specific advanced differentiation and part-time services are made by a committee at the local school, and screening is ongoing throughout the school year. To refer for subject-specific advanced differentiation and part-time services, submit the AAP School-Based Referral Form to the AART at the local school. 

Eligibility decisions for full-time services are made by the countywide central selection committee. 

Screening for full-time services occurs during specific screening cycles:   

  • Fall screening is available for students who are new to FCPS since January. 
    • The fall screening referral window is from the first day of school - October 15. 
  • Spring screening is available for any Grade 2-7 FCPS-enrolled student.  
    • The spring screening referral window is from the first day of school - December 15. 

Please do not wait for test scores before submitting a referral for your student in Grades 2-7. Referrals submitted after the full-time services referral windows noted above will not be accepted.   

Referral forms for all advanced academic program services are found at

For more information, please visit the AAP Site. 

Band and Strings Program

Students who participate in the Band or Strings Program must be in the upper elementary school grades:  Strings - grades 4, 5 and 6; and Band - grades 5 and 6 only.  Oversized instruments will not be allowed on school buses and parent transportation is required. Please keep that in mind when selecting an instrument.

Hearing Therapist

The services of a hearing therapist are available to our school on an itinerant basis if a student is identified as deaf or hard of hearing.

Homebound Teacher

Homebound instruction may be available if a student is unable to attend regular school sessions over a long period of time because of extended illness or injury. For more information, please contact the school’s social worker.

Special Education Teachers

Our school has the services of full time Special Education teachers who work with students who are eligible for special education services as a child with a disability. A child’s participation in this program is based on extensive evaluation and must be approved by the school’s local screening committee and the eligibility committee.  A variety of levels of services is available.

School Psychologist

Our school is served by a school psychologist who is based at the Central office and works with several schools. The psychologist is available for consultation, conferences, and testing (as approved by the Local Screening Committee). 

Social Worker

Our school is served by a social worker who is based at the Central office and works with several schools.  The social worker interviews parents of students who are being considered for special programs and investigates situations which necessitate a home visit, such as excessive absences.  

Speech Therapists

We have the services of two speech therapists who work with students who have identified speech impairments in articulation, language, fluency and voice defects.


The Fairfax Villa Elementary School PTA is a member of the local, state, and National Parent Teacher Association. The goals of the PTA are to encourage involvement of the community with the school, administrators, and teachers to broaden the scope of the school’s offerings through fundraising to provide additional programs and enrichment materials, and to serve as a network of communication between parents and school personnel.

Parent involvement with the school, either in the classrooms or library, or more indirectly through support of PTA activities, enriches the school experience for all of our children.  Many volunteer hours are needed to maintain the kind of organization which will enable the community and school system to work together for the benefit of our children.  We urge you to join in this effort.

In addition to the active volunteer program, opportunities for involvement with the school are also available through membership on the various PTA committees. If you are interested in joining a committee, please click here for more information.


Several tests are administered in Fairfax County’s elementary schools each year.  Standardized tests are commercially developed tests that are used in many school systems nationwide. The State of Virginia has implemented Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests given in grades 3,4,5, and 6. Benchmark Tests are given in language arts and math in select classrooms and grade levels. Ability tests are given to first and second graders and to select students in other grades. Parents will be notified of all dates for testing.  Please do not schedule appointments during testing that require children to be tardy or absent from school.  



  • All extracurricular activities, interscholastic contests, team practices, field trips, and non-school activities in school buildings will be canceled.
  • Recreation programs will be canceled.
  • School-age child care centers will be closed all day.


  • Grades K-6  11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • SACC centers will remain open until the children are picked up. (Parents may be required to arrange for early pick up when necessary.)


  • The announcement will be made by 11:00 a.m.
  • In order to relieve confusion when school is closed two hours early, the following changes have been made:
    • Grades K-6:   9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
    • SACC centers will remain open until the children are picked up. (Parents may be required to arrange for early pick up when necessary.)
    • Extracurricular activities will be canceled.
    • Please note when buildings close early due to excessive heat, extracurricular activities are held at the discretion of the principal.  Community activities may be held as planned.

Please listen to the radio or TV for announcements.  DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. If no announcement is made on a given day, the school will operate on a regular schedule. Some of the local stations carrying the announcements are as follows:

Television: Channels 4, 5, 7, 9 and /or Cable Channels 8 and 21

Radio: WTOP 103.5FM WMAL 630 AM


Excessive heat, snow emergencies, and other weather related happenings can change normal school hours. Please ensure that your child has a prearranged place to go in the event that you are not at home when schools are closed and ensure your child’s Emergency Care Card is updated appropriately. 


The guidelines listed below are used by Child Protective Services in determining whether a situation should be investigated for possible lack of supervision:

AGE (years)

0-6                   May not be left unsupervised.

7-9                   May be left alone no longer than 1.5 hours and not on a

                         regular basis.

10-11               May be left alone not over 3 hours and not on a regular basis.

12-18               May be left alone only if no emotional/medical problems & only if the child is comfortable       comfortable with the situation.

12+                  May baby-sit for children over 4, for periods not over 4 hours.

14+                  May baby-sit for infants and children.

16+                  May be left alone several days at a time.

These are only guidelines. In all situations, the child must be comfortable being alone and competent in dealing with emergency situations.  All children and/or baby-sitters should have emergency telephone numbers and a number to locate either a parent or a designated responsible adult.


Teacher appreciation, baby showers, etc., should be kept low-key, non-intrusive to other parents, and safe for students. We are asking that each family show their appreciation in their own way.  Please do not try to arrange a class gift for a staff member.